Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Starry Thoughts.

There was once a place I used to visit..
where I could see whatever I wished for..
Just a moment of closed eyes and..there it was!
It was the mighty night sky
and the stars were the ones drawing out my dreams.
and there were new ones which built my own constellations..
I sat and tried to make them visible
to the lost eyes sitting beside me..
laughed when they dint find it,
cried when there was noone to find it
I miss that place..
That view from the terrace back home...

Puppeteers who brought Tragedy.

An abstract illustration on the Bombay train blasts which took away hundreds of lives and left millions more devastated...

Making my own Tribe.

Its amazing how we end up selecting a few among thousand faces...just click together...eventually tailing a similar "culture" among the millions. But there does exist some unseen differences within the Tribe, popping out of neverland, differences which bring Change or Inspiration or even Suprizes..but at times one really wishes these differences were long extinct...and to have someone with no differences at all..to have Me again talking to myself and listening to Me.....and making my own tribe.