Wednesday, May 27, 2009

....Lets get cracking

cracked a "bad" idea...for the illustration friday topic.."cracked"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


an illustration for "contagious"... Illustration Friday topic

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A very 'cheezzzzy' imagination of my empty stomach...u know..when u have rats running inside..wonder what they have inside to the 'nothingness'..but I hear rumbling instead of sounds of nibbling...guess its their stomachs...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

juvenile hierarchy

an illustration for the Illustration Friday, topic being Hierarchy.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today..

Celebrating Pongal

Its pongal time!..for the first had been more than just wishing each other happy pongal/sankranti...had fun getting all the southies together...n making the celebration a successful one!

Like father, like son

just a funny representation of the father-son relationship..

maarning taaaim

The early, sleepy 'savera', beginning with the lousy yawn by the neighbour, a 'slurp' of chai across the corridor, a 'buzzz..' of fly near the ear, a CLANK! of utensils in the kitchen, the occasional lazy screams by the 'doodhwala,*clicking* of tv channels, people sccrrrreaming for bathrooms..the radio singing..children SHOUTING..hawkers YELLING!...TRAFFIC jamming...babies crying and suddenly...I is no more a sleepy..but a much awakened and alive 'savera'...Good morning!

fall into infinity

was wondering how infinity would be and fearless..well..just for the fact that its infinity.

flight through inferno

Not like this was the first time I was meeting trouble during travel...well..after having once waiting at the delhi airport fr 6hrs with chicken pox..this was another of those times...when everythin feels dizzy n you have noone to help you out...well, thats how I felt when i reached the airport and was told my flite's been cancelled..ran around the airport searching fr the head of 'some' department and finally reached my campus after having to spend 8 hrs in Mumbai!

when theres colour in the sky..

always had this view in mind...sunday late afternoon..clear sky and windy...had to imagine it n now i see it.

engineering the mind

This describes the times of my 'epilepsy' of getting back to those 'nerdy' books which literally 'integrated' n 'differentiated' the brain cells..i do miss it..but lets see what design has fr us here.. :)

Live the English way..

One of my "cornered illustration", living a different time.. Talking in terms of dust, I guess..this one coughed out heaps of dust..was initally a work with colour pencils and poster paint..later made digital changes and well...Ola!

kids n mischief- longtime twins

The first illustration just Before the Illustration course and After a series of hysterical attacks of work tension coming up...well, I still remember that long smile when I realized that I hadn't forgotten how to draw! (medium-poster paint, digital background)